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Lost & Found

Do you think you have forget some of your items at Wiki Hostel ? Here below some usefull infos to have back your lost items if we found it 😉

  1. First, Write to our Wiki Hostel Crew in order to ask to look for you items, provide the item/s's description and your name and contacts + the period and room of your stay at Wiki Hostel
  2. If our Wiki Hostel Crew will confirm to you by email we have founded your lost items, you can now proceed to order a pick-up shipping as explained here below

Hi dear guests and friend, we are sorry about your inconvenience and we are happy if we can confirm your lost items have been founded after your departure. If so, it means we have collected it in our lost & found deposit and we will confirm it to you by email.

We are happy to help you to have your items back and we are ready to help.
In order to have your items back we suggest you to book a shipping at your expense thru a courier service as UPS or similar.

We know how UPS works so we explain here below how to order an international pick-up shipping by UPS.

  1. Visit this page on UPS web site : 
  2. Proceed to book your shipping paying in advance for it (all major credit cards accepted)
  3. Provide to the Courier : the Size + Weight of the items (as reported in the courtesy email sent by our Crew)
  4. Provide to the Courier your personal infos : name, contacts and the adress you want your items will be shipped PLEASE NOTE, PROVIDE TO THE COURIER YOUR EMAIL (not our email)
  5. Provide to UPS our Wiki Hostel adress : 
            Wiki Hostel, via Colle Casette 34, 00039 Zagarolo-Roma Italy
             Phone contacts +39 06 9520 0054
  6. Confirm to us by email ( about this confirmed pick-up : Forward to us the attachment you have received by email from UPS just after your have ordered your shipping (we need it beacuse we have to attach it to the items to be shipped)
  7. When we will confirm your attachment we will contact the nearest UPS office to schedule the pick-up and we will notice it to you 😉

Thanks for choosing Wiki Hostel,
A BIG Ciao from Italy from all of our Wiki Hostel Crew 😉

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