Zagarolo is our Old Town,
located at just walking distance from Wiki Hostel in the green wine area known as Roman Hills … from here it is easy to discover our amazing surroundings: Castelli Romani, Colli Prenestini as Tivoli

…and yes! you can also ever easily get into the history and monuments of ‘the Capital’ of Italy :Rome Downtown is located just 30 minutes by train from our local railway

Zagarolo is our village, just located walking distance from the hostel, a tipycal mid-age city featured by medieval and reinassance architecture and several interesting spots to see as the romantic Old Town alleys, Rospigliosi Palace, the churches of San Pietro and San Lorenzo, the Tondo, ancient churches and a Toy Museum.

Saturday it is the day of the local flea market (dress & food for cheap;). Sunday it is the day of the healty, tasty and organic “food farmer market”…

Top local fests to do not miss they are:
the Wine Fest (1st week-end of October)
Carnival, ‘Tordo Matto’ and Bread fest (June & July) plus the patronal ‘San Lorenzo’ fest (aroung August 10th)…




The summer season is featured by free events and outdoor local community festivals such as “Cover the Top”, the “Notte Bianca” and “San Lorenzo” night, the tasty “Bread Fest”. On 1st week-end of October any year, Zagarolo hosts a real attraction & typical old tradition you can not miss : the famous Wine & Grape Festival (“Sagra dell’Uva“) an incredibile event with historical parades, free wines & many events such as free live music concerts and artshow for people of all ages. Zagarolo leaves traces of its origins unclear alleged Gabinii (people from the pre-roman villageGabii) escaped the massacre or rather it was home of the so-called “Sagarii” (or Zagari) people that with their work adorned the look and dress of the Roman legionaries with the typical capes of red garnet called Sagum. The first historical documents date back to the 970 a.c. but all the areas talks about its roman time. Several time destroyed in the war between the Pope and the Colonna nobles family, the actual historical centre dates back to the middle of the XVI century. The historical centre is so featured by Medieval and Renaissance/Baroque time plus some Roman and pre-Roman elements …

going on in ZAGAROLO?

since 2012 we activated a web site to promote our charming old town…

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