Social farm

care the non-human animals of our interspecific family

escape the stress, feel free to enjoy our attached social farm 

We cultivate

 Cultivate a sustainable world with us,
help us to grow Pantasema project

…where our Wiki family’s nonhuman
animals are the stars…

masters of empathy in paths of
social inclusion & environmental education
based on the human-animal relationship

Care with us the animals of our large interspecific  family: goats, donkeys, cats … plus Lola, our super sweet blacklab!
Help to develop actions, activites and workshops promoting a new balance between human kind and nature and to grow our new vegetable garden experiencing the various methods of natural agriculture…


We are an interspecific family, with the help of our nonhuman animals, masters of empaty, we try to build a better world. Every day we have the great opportunity to take care of our animals, learning from them how to build a new balance between humanity & nature in adition to the benefits of an individual balance based cultivating oxytocin.
Together, the ‘sapiens’ and the other nonhuman animals of our Wiki Family, together we are specialized in the so-called ‘pet therapy’ (IAA-Interventi Assistiti con gli Animali according to italian law) our social farm is going to be the 1st recognised center enabled in pet-therapy of our health district by the local dpt of the Health Ministry… the animals well-being and the respect of ethological specific and subjective needs of our animals they ever are our priority in all our initiatives and actions.


We cultivate an inclusive community, together, in cooperation with other ngos and social welfare institutions we develop social inclusion projects dedicated to the youngest and people having special needs…


We develop sustainable initiatives, actions and projects to promote awareness and respect for the environment and the biodiversity. Educational labs for the youngest as natural farming activities and reuse &recycle labs for adults. Periodically we also welcome WWOOF volunteers and in cooperation with the local community we activate action days & workcamps in our area…   

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